About the Foundation

The Tadhg Ó Fainín Foundation was set up in 2011 by Kariann & Eoin Ó Fainín whose world fell apart the day Tadhg, their son, was taken away from them in a tragic accident. With a little help along the way from friends and family, Eoin and Kariann have setup the 'Tadhg Ó Fainín Foundation' in honour of their wonderful son.

The foundation logo contains a picture that we took from Tadhgs obair bhaile, in the picture he has drawn his mammy, daddy, brother Féidhlim, nanny Clare and uncle Alex and of course himself. The drawing shows how we are always together as a family and the love he showed using so many colours as he is so colourful himself

Kariann and Eoin Ó Fainín:

"Tadhg is an extraordinary 5 year old boy who left a massive imprint on the people he met, even if he only met them once! In honour of him we would like to make an imprint on other children's lives. We never think of Tadhg as our past as he will always be very much in our present and future. As I said our son Tadhg is an exceptional, fun loving, friendly and most definitely funny little character. He's known as Cosa Sasta (Happy feet) in school as he would always be on his feet. Music and films are among Tadhgs favorite things, as well as his love for gaeilge and books.A great chunk of our hearts were taken from us which we will never get back.Our sole aim with this foundation is to help enrich and prolong needy and sick children's lives as we all know a child's life is so precious"

Tadhg Ó Fainín Foundation is not government funded and is run by volunteers.